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In August 2022, Untold Stories proudly released their newest anthology, a collection of works from 2021. Click the button below to learn more about how and where to get this newest book and support the group.

Our Other Titles

Better Than Escaping

Launched in 2016, “Better Than Escaping” marked the first release of an Untold Stories anthology two years after the founding of the group by lector Anne Pincus. This publication includes both short stories and poems.

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The Cover of Better Than Escaping: a city at night under the snow

Afraid of Heights

In 2018 we produced our first poetry-only collection, “Afraid of Heights”. This book contains the best poetry produced by Untold Stories members in the two years following the previous publication.

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The Cover of Afraid of Heights: a jungle full of mysteries during the day

Impending Past and Foregone Future

Undeterred by the global pandemic in 2020 we launched the final entry in our first trilogy, “Impending Past and Foregone Future”. Fitting for such a culmination of creativity, this anthology of prose and poetry comes with a unique twist.

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The Cover of Impending Past and Foregone Future: not-a-dingo sitting on a sign in front of an oldschool desert town during the day. Birds are circling in the sky.

Ordering Books

We are very pleased to sell the anthology alongside our other books via Words’ Worth in Munich. Support your local independent bookshop! You may order all of our anthologies exclusively through them by either stopping by their shop at Schellingstr. 3, Munich or by contacting them via email at


Better Than Escaping: 7€
Afraid of Heights: 5€
Impending Past and Foregone Future: 7€
Untold Stories from 2021: 12€
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About Untold Stories

Untold Stories is a group of young people who love to write creatively in English and want to exchange ideas and get feedback on their work from like-minded peers. The group was founded at the end of 2014 by lector Anne Pincus and meets weekly at the LMU Munich or online.